The Dynacom Community is Growing, And It's Growing Fast

Despite the rough economy and slow business growth starting off the 21st century, Dynacom Office RentalDynacom has proven to be a steadfast ship in the harrowing seas of of today’s commercial real estate market. Simply put: the Dynacom community is growing, and it’s growing fast.

In just the past month Dynacom has helped current tenants expand into larger suites with minimal fuss or worry. The Dynacom staff can always be depended on to go that extra mile to make sure their tenants get the best customer service possible, and this is probably why in the face of this downward trending market, Dynacom continues to expand.

Recently we saw Design and Promote – a web development firm, move into our offices at 1952 McDowell. Then we helped ENFOS expand into a larger suite on short notice – a move documented by Dynacom’s YouTube account.

Landlord’s that care about their tenants are seeing not the downward trend that so many other real estate companies are seeing, one needs to look no further than Dynacom’s Ali Setork to see that landlord’s have a lot to be positive about in 2012 and beyond.