Three Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Office Without Wasted Space

At Dynacom, we offer our clients a variety of floor plans and square footage for their 3-easy-ways-to-create-office-without-wasted-space Naperville office space in any one of our professional office buildings, but we know that even clients who are leasing larger offices need to maximize their space. There are several trends in office space design and usage that can transform even a relatively small area into usable, efficient space, including the three we’ve outlined below:

Shared Public Areas

Most businesses don’t need or use a conference room on a regular basis, but they do need them occasionally for staff meetings, conferences with important clients or to make presentations. If you could benefit from a conference room but don’t want to pay the premium price tag for a large space you’ll only use a few times a month, Dynacom has the answer. Our office buildings feature shared conference rooms and reception areas that will impress visitors without the need to pay for the space when not in use.

Hot Desks For Mobile Employees Or Job Sharing

 When shopping for Naperville office space, many employers automatically calculate the square footage for putting every employee into an individual office or cubicle, but this isn’t always cost effective. If you have some employees who are frequently out of the office making service calls, selling your services or meeting with clients, you may not need to give each of them their own office. Hot desks are an ideal alternative because they give everyone a place to work when they’re in the office without lots of empty, wasted space.

A hot desk is simply an individual work area that offers everyone a place to work when they are in the office without being assigned to a particular individual. Laptop computers make this kind of arrangement possible because everyone gets to use his own computer rather than having to log in and out of someone else’s desktop. Hot desks are also ideal for any employees who are job sharing. One person can work Monday through Wednesday while another one uses it Thursday through Saturday using the same Naperville office space.

 Compact Furniture Streamlines Naperville Office Space

 If you’re still displaying the standard office furniture your company has been using since the late 1990s, now is the time to upgrade to streamlined, compact furniture that’s scaled to today’s needs. Older furniture was designed to make room for cumbersome desktop computers and monitors. They also had lots of space for desktop printers and separate fax machines that have since been scaled down significantly in size or rendered obsolete. You simply don’t need all of that wasted desk space when you’re working from a laptop and faxing through your computer. Look for smaller scale desks that can maximize the usefulness of every inch of your Naperville office space. If you’ve transitioned to a paperless office, you’ll also be able to do away with added storage space for rows of filing cabinets for paper files.

Dynacom currently offers Naperville office space in several of our professional office buildings, all in prime business locations. Give us a call today at 630-355-2000 or contact us online to discuss how much space your business needs and how we can help you maximize that space to your advantage.