Is Your Naperville Office Space Current With The Latest Trends?

Office Space in NapervilleFor generations, the measure of success for businesses across the country was the size of corporate offices. These grand spaces were designed to appeal to visitors’ and employees’ sense of awe. They were designed to intimidate. Today’s business owners, however, are looking for leased office space that combines the style and beauty of the past with the practicality needed by most of today’s businesses. They are also looking for leased office space that can accommodate the rapidly changing needs of their employees. At DynaCom, we set the standard for superior quality offices that take into account the latest trends of the present and the changing needs of the future.


Sharing Naperville Office Space Makes Financial Sense

Downsizing is a common business practice today that doesn’t always mean reducing the number of employees in your company. You can downsize your expenses dramatically by downsizing your office space. Sharing your Naperville office space with another company or sharing access to specific areas such as common areas, waiting rooms and conference centers is an excellent way to minimize expenses. At DynaCom, we offer Naperville office space that lets you combine access to as little or as much of your overall space as you like. Do you need a dedicated receptionist, or would you prefer office space that shares a receptionist with other businesses, sharing conference rooms and break rooms with other tenants. This also frees up additional square footage that can be better used by individual employees or groups that need the space on a daily basis.


Floor Layouts With Smart Designs


At DynaCom, our premier office spaces were designed to not only be esthetically pleasing; they were designed to maximize the use of limited amounts of space. In other words, your office will seem more spacious than its actual square footage because it’s been designed to meet your needs with greater efficiency. Each floor layout makes use of natural sunlight by increasing the number and location of rooms that can benefit from natural light.


Common areas, reception areas and even break rooms were designed to be beautiful and useful while using a smaller footprint. Multiple electric outlets, Wi-Fi access throughout the building and easy access to computers, phones and other office equipment are all part of each lease agreement. In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for common or shared desks and offices so that work-from-home employees and salespeople who need a place to briefly touch base, recharge their equipment and take off again all have access to a desk and supplies. Of course, there will always be a need for an impressive expanse of furniture in a corporate conference room. The beauty of many of our leased properties is that you have use of the conference room without having to pay the full amount of the rent on your own. Think about it – if you have business meetings with your clients three days out of the month, why should you pay for full access every day? Splitting the cost of these Naperville office space rentals is a solid financial decision that can save you a considerable amount of money.


Creative Open Spaces


One of the most important trends for Naperville office space is the growing popularity of creatively designed open spaces for work areas. Many of today’s most successful businesses have done away with the warren of tiny, cramped offices that were so popular in the 1990s and replaced them with spacious rooms that can hold several desks and seating areas. The result? More collaboration, more interaction and better customer service. Many CEOs and company officers have also discovered that if they give up that awe-inspiring corner office, they will learn more about their company and how it works while boosting morale for others.


When you’re ready to shop for Naperville office space, give us a call at 630-355-2000 or contact us to schedule a tour of any of our available Naperville office space suites.