Questions to Ask Before Leasing: 10/10

Over the past few weeks, we have added to our series of helpful tips for businesses starting to look into leasing. This post is the tenth of 10 on the essential questions you should ask before signing an office lease, concluding this blog series.

Tenant Appreciation DC 2-011

This Week’s Question: How long does the average Tenant stay in the building?

When you go to a restaurant if you notice no one is there, or people are walking out angry, the safe move is to move on to the next option. Even if the restaurant has low prices, your satisfaction will likely not be greater than those that left in anger.

This short example should guide the next question you ask before leasing a space. Learning how long tenants are staying is a building is valuable piece of information to you as a tenant. This will let you know how the building and service have worked for other businesses.

It is incredibly important to note that if the tenant turnaround is high, then it might be indicative of unhappy tenants. Another good way of determining past tenant relationships is to ask the landlord for tenant testimonials.

As the business owner, you need to make the decision on whether you want quality or quantity. Sometimes, the cheapest leasing deal is not the best for your business. Higher value is always the better option.


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