Questions to Ask Before Leasing: 3/10

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding to our series of helpful tips for businesses starting to look into leasing. This post is the third of 10 on the essential questions you should ask before signing an office lease.

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This Week’s Question:

What is TI and what does it cover? What is included in the building’s “standard” build-out.



When you begin the process of leasing your new space, you may wonder what the next steps will be to get your space to look exactly as you’d like it to.

“TI” stands for tenant improvement and is what the landlord will pay, at no cost, to build out the suite for you. “Build out” is how your office space will be designed to fit your individual business needs. There are specific items that are considered industry standard build-out items, including, drywall, painting, doors, flooring, lighting, HVAC, ceiling and electrical components. It’s important that you know what “standard” includes and what the associated costs of upgrading are before you lease. Examples of upgrades include glass doors, parabolic lighting, keyless entry, carpet borders, plumbing for kitchen area, additional electrical, phone/data wiring, carpet borders, alternate flooring, and upgraded ceiling tiles.

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Always be sure you have a fully priced proposal for the layout itself with all of your changes from the original design. The detailed proposal will let you know if the building allowance offered by the landlord will cover all of the changes you want, as well as determine any out-of-pocket expenses for the floor plan. Any additional charges for the suite design are typically due at signing, or they will be amortized through the lease term adding more cost, ultimately affecting your bottom line. You also need to find out how flexible your Landlord is with outstanding balances from construction. Ask the landlord if they offer any “turn-key suites.” “Turn-key suites” include all the build-out expenses required to get the space ready for your business, drastically reducing your overall cost.

“Turn-key” suites are great for reducing cost, but not necessarily for fulfilling all of your needs.

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Stay tuned for next week’s feature on Rentable Space v. Usable Space!

Questions to Ask Before Leasing: 2/10

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding to our series of helpful tips for businesses starting to look into leasing. This post is the second of 10 on the essential questions you should ask before signing an office lease.


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Besides base rent, what other things might a tenant pay for?


Hidden costs can add up tremendously when you’re leasing a space, that’s why you need to understand some of the basic elements of additional costs. Let’s break down the basics.


Utilities – Tenants are typically responsible for paying utilities which usually include gas, electricity, and in some cases water. It’s crucial that you know exactly what you’re expected to pay.

(An Essential Tip) : You should find out if your suite will be separately metered, if heating and cooling are part of CAM or yours, or if you will be required to pay for a proportionate share of the entire building. If there is only one meter in the building, you need to know what the hours of building operation are and what else may impact the utility charges as it may have an impact on your overall budget.

Internet – find out who the internet provider is in the building – if you’re lucky your property management team will provide high speed internet at affordable packages. Ask if the landlord has any special price packages for you to sign up with a specific provider. Be sure to have your IT person check out all of the suite components to be certain they will meet your business needs.

Telephones – determine if your current telephone provider is available in the building. Find out how easy it would be to port your current phone number if your current telephone service provider is not available in the building. Ask if voice over internet phone (VoIP) service is available and if the landlord provides any special deals for you to use the same service.

Janitorial service – find out exactly what cleaning services are provided in your suite under the terms of your lease. Since cleaning service is done after regular business hours, be sure to ask your landlord for references or background check on the cleaning service and its personnel. It is important that you feel comfortable with the company being used by the landlord

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While these are just some of the basic costs associated with leasing, there are many to keep a look-out for. Always make sure you read through your lease and understand the terms. Don’t be afraid to question things you don’t fully understand. Your future landlord should strive to provide services that fulfill your needs.

Stay tuned for next week’s message on Tenant Improvements!

Questions to ask before you lease 1/10 : Is it a GROSS or NET Lease?

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding to our series of helpful tips for businesses starting to look into leasing. This post is the first of 10 on the essential questions you should ask before signing an office lease.


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  1. Is it a GROSS or NET lease?


For businesses or doctors that are just starting to look into leasing office space, the terms gross and NET lease may seem foreign. However, there are significant differences between a gross and NET lease– let’s break down the basics.


With a GROSS lease the following items are included in the rent price:


  • Basic rent
  • Property taxes
  • Heating & air conditioning maintenance
  • Cleaning service for all common areas
  • Use of any building amenities
  • Pest control
  • Landscaping & snow removal
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Janitorial service for your suite


With a NET lease, the tenant is responsible for paying all of the items listed above separately based upon a proportionate share of the building.


The payment share is based on the previous year’s building expenses and is calculated by the landlord. The tenant will pay an initial amount to cover what was spent in the previous year and at the end of the year the tenant will get a charge back for the difference along with documentation to show where all the capital was spent.


Now I know what you’re thinking…”Why in the world would I want a NET lease?”


The simple truth is that neither lease type is better than the other. Both lease types benefit businesses in different ways.


iMed Conference Room


The largest caveat to look out for in a NET lease is an increasing building expense cost. At DynaCom, we try to help our tenants as best as we can by capping the excess cost. By creating a cap, tenants can rest easier in a NET lease knowing they will have a consistent or lower building expense cost. If you are leasing NET try to get your leasing agent to ensure there is a cap to the cost.

4 Reasons DynaCom’s iMed Campus was the Place to be for the October 7th Cubs Win.

The freshly finished building was gleaming, the Cubs were playing their first post-season game in in seven years, and DynaCom Management was hosting their first major event in the innovative iMed Campus. What made the night so special?

1. Mayor Steve Chirico, along with Glen Weiss, were among the more than 85 members of the Naperville community and DynaCom family that were in attendance. All of the guests made for a fun-filled night!Mayor Pic2. President of North Central College, Troy Hammond was also in attendance. Go Cardinals!

NCC Pres Pic

3. Ali and Mina Setork, CEO and CFO of DynaCom Management, showed their commitment to building and maintaining relationships with the generous spread of food. The dessert table looked particularly tasty!

Mina and Ali

4. The iMed Campus transformed into the perfect venue for screening the game. The lobby monitors and multipurpose room projection screen gave guests flexibility on where they could watch the Cubs shut out the Pirates.

Group pic

Lobby pic

Dyna Pic

Thank you everyone for attending the event! We look forward to seeing you around Naperville!

DynaCom Management Welcomes IT Firm, Evolulyz Corp., To Wall Street Building In Naperville

Dynacom-Wall-Street-OfficesDynaCom Management is providing Naperville office rental to Evolutyz Corporation on Wall Street. DynaCom has offices for rent in six commercial real estate buildings in the Naperville area.

NAPERVILLE, IL — DynaCom Management has rented office space in their Wall Street Offices in Naperville to Evolutyz Corporation. Evolutyz is an IT consulting company that moved into their new offices in November 2013. The company’s new address is 1560 Wall Street, Naperville, Illinois 60563 United States. Evolutyz Corporation was drawn to DynaCom’s commercial real estate due to the location of the buildings as well as the upgrades and amenities offered.

“The Wall Street Offices are a perfect location for Evolutyz Corporation. Being an IT consulting firm, they needed high-profile office space with the right technology infrastructure in place to meet their business demands. The Wall Street complex provides both. It’s located right in the heart of the I-88 high-tech corridor with easy access to the expressways, downtown Naperville, restaurants, hotels and services,” said Ali Setork, Owner, DynaCom Management (

Evolutyz Corp. is a global IT consulting company with U.S. offices in Illinois, Texas and San Diego. The firm also has a development center in Pune, India. Evolutyz helps businesses remain competitive by helping them implement effective IT solutions and adopt new applications to meet changing business needs. The company aims to help their clients adopt new technologies that maximize efficiencies, improve employee productivity and analyze technology’s effect on business performance, all with the intent of helping to increase the client’s ROI.

The DynaCom offices for rent at 1560 Wall Street feature:

  • Prime Naperville location near four-way interchange of Rt. 59 and I-88
  • Modern architecture with elevator, washrooms, and open lobby
  • Solid mahogany oak doors and 10′ ceilings
  • Keyless entry and 24/7 tenant access
  • Building management and maintenance located right across the street
  • Fiber optic Internet connection
  • Walking distance to food plaza
  • Close proximity to hotels, shopping, fitness centers and day care providers
  • 24-hour security system monitoring with closed circuit camera records
  • Highly advanced and individually controlled HVAC and lighting systems system
  • Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne Express, and US Mail Services are available
  • Janitorial and cleaning services available for each suite
  • Ample parking
  • Attractive landscaping

DynaCom Management offers both Class A and Class B Naperville office rental at six different sites in the Naperville-Warrenville area. All of the locations have been renovated to provide office suites that are professional, clean, functional and modern. The property management company is also building a new medical campus in south Naperville that is expected to be complete in fall of 2014.

To learn more about DynaCom and view all of their commercial properties visit: To learn more about Evolutyz Corp visit

About DynaCom: DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commercial properties. The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details. For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000 or visit

Media Contact:

Mari Rodriguez

P: 630-355-2000 x17

1548 Bond St. Suite 106

Naperville, IL 60563


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Amping Up The Fun Factor Of Your Naperville Office Space

office space napervilleHere at DynaCom, as a leading provider of Naperville office space options, we understand firsthand how important it is for business owners to procure the perfect location for their business. Not only does their Naperville office space have to be in the best district for their organization, but it also has to offer enough room for growth and optimal productivity. We’ve proudly partnered with countless clients to ensure that they have the office setup they need to go from start-up organization to industry leader.

Personalizing Naperville Office Space For Your Business

While the physical setup of the office space itself should not be undervalued, here at DynaCom we also recognize that it’s not the only thing our clients need to consider when striving to set their company up for success. Beyond location and square footage, savvy business entrepreneurs must also consider another critical asset of their organization: their employees.

Beyond brick and mortar amenities, it’s imperative for executives to create an environment that encourages employee productivity and delivers an overall vibe that staff members will enjoy, especially as they’re spending 40 (or more) hours a week there. In short, in order to truly leverage the many benefits our Naperville office space options offer, our clients recognize that they must also personalize the office to make it a fun, yet professional environment.

Get Creative With Your Business Location For Optimal Results

When working with us to procure your Naperville office space, you will enjoy countless features and amenities that can help boost morale and productivity. However, we also understand that it’s important for you to get creative and personalize the space for your employees as well. If you’re looking for some quick and easy ways to creatively customize your space, consider:

Pictures and wall hangings: Pictures and wall hangings can easily add color and visual appeal to any corporate space. Work with a professional interior designer to choose some wall art that truly captures what your business is about, or simply brainstorm with your team the types of pictures they’d like to see during their workday.

Soothing music: Soft music played throughout the day can really redefine the vibe and atmosphere of your Naperville office space. Worried that you’ll never find a mix that everyone in your company will appreciate? Play various genres on different days to see what works best and encourages the most productivity.

Include greens: Beyond fun and festive wall hangings, plants can also add some bold blasts of color throughout your organization. Not only do they look great, but they also enhance the oxygen levels, making everyone around feel energetic and ready to produce. When choosing the right plants for your Naperville office space, bear in mind that fake plants collecting dust will do nothing for your organization. Choose fresh, lively plants to keep the vibe positive. Once you’ve chosen the right plants for your company, remember to put together a watering schedule since the only thing worse than a fake plant, is a dead plant.

Want to hear more about our current list of Naperville office space options? Visit us today.

DynaCom Management Adds New Tenant, Accounting EA, To Their Naperville McDowell Road Building


DynaCom Management has added Accounting EA as a new tenant to their in-demand commercial real estate in Naperville. Accounting EA has chosen office space in DynaCom’s McDowell Road complex. 

NAPERVILLE, IL — DynaCom Management has a new tenant in their DynaCom Center I property located at 1952 McDowell Road. The provider of commercial real estate in Naperville welcomed Accounting EA to Suite 205 in September 2013. DynaCom Center I is located in the heart of Naperville’s high tech corridor with convenient access to I-88, Route 59, Diehl Road and downtown Naperville.

Accounting EA is a full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. The firm provides professional and personalized services and guidance to individuals and businesses in a wide variety of financial and business areas including tax management and accounting, audits, financial statements and financial planning. Accounting EA is an Enrolled Agency licensed by the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation and are known as America’s Tax Experts. Only Enrolled Agents are required to demonstrate to the IRS competency in all areas of taxation, representation and ethics. Accounting EA, Inc. can represent anywhere in the United States.

DynaCom Center I has 60,000 SF of commercial office space. The complex is one of six sites owned by DynaCom Management that offers Naperville commercial space for lease. Like all of the DynaCom Centers, the McDowell Road property has undergone extensive renovations designed to support today’s technological needs at each and every workstation in one neat and integrated package.

“We are happy to welcome Accounting EA to DynaCom Center I. This building is right in the heart of the Naperville business area with easy access to major roadways and services making it a convenient location for both the firm’s clients and their employees. The complex has been completely updated and offers plenty of amenities both on and offsite to meet any business need,” noted Ali Setork, Owner, DynaCom Management (

Features of the 1952 McDowell Road property include:

  • Individually controlled and programmable HVAC system with sophisticated web-based managing software
  • Fiber Optics Internet Connection, with speeds about 650 times faster than T-1 lines!
  • 24 hour tenant access to the building via keyless entry proxy card
  • Closed Circuit web-based controlled Cameras
  • Satellite Dish on the roof available for connecting to DirectTV
  • Smart Conference Room with a built in computer, fiber optics and projector, available for tenant use
  • Kitchen with dining room and vending machines available for tenant use
  • Janitorial and cleaning services available for each suite five nights a week
  • Fed Ex, UPS, Air Borne Express and standard US mail services available
  • Fully programmable site lights, hallway lights, atrium lights, washroom lights, door locks, thermostats, and outside lights.
  • 24-hour fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring, which is connected directly to the City of Naperville
  • Ample parking with a ratio of 4 parking spots per each 1,000 square feet occupied.

To learn more about DynaCom and view all of their commercial properties visit: To learn more about Accounting EA visit

About DynaCom: DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commercial properties. The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details. For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000 or visit

Lease Or Buy – What Makes Sense For Your Growing Business?

Commercial Real Estate for Lease in NapervilleAs the leading provider of Naperville commercial real estate for lease, the team at DynaCom understands that leading a growing business is an exciting time for entrepreneurs in every industry. No matter what the current size and scope of your organization, watching it expand its business horizons brings with it a host of corporate victories and benefits. However, with the many perks that a thriving company yields, it also delivers a wide range of responsibilities and considerations.


What’s a major factor that warrants attention as a company continues to grow? Deciding what makes sense for corporate space. For many business owners of expanding companies, deciding whether to lease a bigger space to accommodate their needs, or purchase a commercial property outright is their top priority to ensure that their organization continues to grow.


Buying Or Choosing Naperville Commercial Real Estate For Lease: What Works For Your Business?

At DynaCom, our industry experts partner with our clients throughout this critical decision making process to help them determine if buying a property or choosing Naperville commercial real estate for lease makes the most sense for their organization. When consulting with clients who are weighing the pros and cons of each situation, we work closely with them to ensure that they have all the facts they need to make the most sound business decision for their organization.

While buying a property outright does offer a distinctive range of benefits to owners, it’s not for all business owners who are focusing on other endeavors. Choosing Naperville commercial real estate for lease makes an ideal choice for businesses owners who are:


Still strengthening their business brand: Buying a building is a great option for companies with a firmly established business brand image. However, fledgling and startup businesses that are still in the beginning phases of solidifying their brand may struggle in a new space without an established client base for support. If you’re still working to broaden the reach of your brand exposure, choosing Naperville real estate for lease may make for a better final solution.


Already straddling multiple functions: Everyone knows that business owners in every industry are required to wear a multitude of job function hats. If you’re considering purchasing a property, it’s important to ask yourself if you have the bandwidth to perform all the duties that come with being a landlord. Can you manage anything that gets broken or requires updating? More importantly, do you have the revenue to pay for these fixes and updates? If the answer to either of these question is ‘No’ you may want to consider Naperville commercial real estate for lease instead.


Not sure of short/long-term growth: Finally, where do you see the size of your operations in five years? Do you see you company operating at its current pace, or expanding even further? If you expect to grow exponentially in the next few years, or aren’t quite sure where you’ll be, buying a building can prove a costly miscalculation. However, opting for Naperville commercial real estate for lease short term can provide optimal flexibility, no matter how big your company becomes.


Want to hear more about our premium list of Naperville commercial real estate for lease? Contact us today at (630) 355-2000.

Is Your Naperville Office Space Current With The Latest Trends?

Office Space in NapervilleFor generations, the measure of success for businesses across the country was the size of corporate offices. These grand spaces were designed to appeal to visitors’ and employees’ sense of awe. They were designed to intimidate. Today’s business owners, however, are looking for leased office space that combines the style and beauty of the past with the practicality needed by most of today’s businesses. They are also looking for leased office space that can accommodate the rapidly changing needs of their employees. At DynaCom, we set the standard for superior quality offices that take into account the latest trends of the present and the changing needs of the future.


Sharing Naperville Office Space Makes Financial Sense

Downsizing is a common business practice today that doesn’t always mean reducing the number of employees in your company. You can downsize your expenses dramatically by downsizing your office space. Sharing your Naperville office space with another company or sharing access to specific areas such as common areas, waiting rooms and conference centers is an excellent way to minimize expenses. At DynaCom, we offer Naperville office space that lets you combine access to as little or as much of your overall space as you like. Do you need a dedicated receptionist, or would you prefer office space that shares a receptionist with other businesses, sharing conference rooms and break rooms with other tenants. This also frees up additional square footage that can be better used by individual employees or groups that need the space on a daily basis.


Floor Layouts With Smart Designs


At DynaCom, our premier office spaces were designed to not only be esthetically pleasing; they were designed to maximize the use of limited amounts of space. In other words, your office will seem more spacious than its actual square footage because it’s been designed to meet your needs with greater efficiency. Each floor layout makes use of natural sunlight by increasing the number and location of rooms that can benefit from natural light.


Common areas, reception areas and even break rooms were designed to be beautiful and useful while using a smaller footprint. Multiple electric outlets, Wi-Fi access throughout the building and easy access to computers, phones and other office equipment are all part of each lease agreement. In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for common or shared desks and offices so that work-from-home employees and salespeople who need a place to briefly touch base, recharge their equipment and take off again all have access to a desk and supplies. Of course, there will always be a need for an impressive expanse of furniture in a corporate conference room. The beauty of many of our leased properties is that you have use of the conference room without having to pay the full amount of the rent on your own. Think about it – if you have business meetings with your clients three days out of the month, why should you pay for full access every day? Splitting the cost of these Naperville office space rentals is a solid financial decision that can save you a considerable amount of money.


Creative Open Spaces


One of the most important trends for Naperville office space is the growing popularity of creatively designed open spaces for work areas. Many of today’s most successful businesses have done away with the warren of tiny, cramped offices that were so popular in the 1990s and replaced them with spacious rooms that can hold several desks and seating areas. The result? More collaboration, more interaction and better customer service. Many CEOs and company officers have also discovered that if they give up that awe-inspiring corner office, they will learn more about their company and how it works while boosting morale for others.


When you’re ready to shop for Naperville office space, give us a call at 630-355-2000 or contact us to schedule a tour of any of our available Naperville office space suites.

DynaCom's Four Cornerstones Of Commercial Real Estate In Naperville

Office Space in NapervilleThere are hundreds of leasing opportunities in and around the Naperville area for anyone looking for rental property for their company’s office space, with options running from individual offices to large complexes with a variety of room sizes and layouts to fit every need. DynaCom has consistently been a leader in this marketplace by offering service and support that goes far beyond simply offering square footage. At DynaCom, we believe there are four cornerstones of a successful leasing relationship and we strive to fulfill those promises every day.

Client-Focused Response


Almost any commercial real estate lessor will return your call quickly or gladly stop by your office to pick up the rent check, but DynaCom offers the same quick response and care whenever there is an unexpected problem or need. If there is an emergency situation, we will immediately step up to help you resolve the problem. If any aspect of our service from office cleaning to suite management isn’t being handled to your satisfaction, we are just a phone call away. You will always be our priority whether you need additional groundskeeping work done or you would like to book an additional conference room for an important meeting.


Proactive Relationships


It would be easy to have you sign a contract, take your company’s lease payment and walk away until your next payment is due, but that’s not what DynaCom property leasing is about. We want to be the leader in commercial real estate in Naperville and the surrounding area by being proactive. It’s not just about what we are; it’s about what we strive to be. We always welcome feedback from our clients so that we can improve our service. In fact, our website features a customer satisfaction survey so that any one of our customers can express their opinion and help us create a better relationship with our tenants.


Commercial Real Estate In Naperville With Professional Representation


You’ll never look out the window of your office suite and see someone you don’t know tending the grounds or working on the lighting because we hire groundskeepers, maintenance workers and support staff who will be with us for the long haul. They are always properly trained and professionally dressed and respectful, reflecting DynaCom’s dedication to superior service at every level. Our administrative staff, shared clerical workers and receptionists are always experienced and professional in order to properly reflect your business’ standing and give you the clerical and administrative service you deserve.


The Little Things That Make A Difference

A leaky drinking fountain, streaky windows, dirty flooring…the list of minor details that can ruin that critical first impression is lengthy for any business. DynaCom offers commercial real estate in Naperville that is always clean, attractive, bright and professional. Our passion for the details is what sets us apart from other companies leasing commercial real estate in Naperville and the surrounding area. We stand behind our promise of exceptional service and support whether you need the sidewalks shoveled in winter or the windows washed in the spring because we know that every detail is a reflection of your company.


When you’re ready to lease commercial real estate in Naperville, be sure to call DynaCom at 630-355-2000 or contact us via our website. We’ll be happy to give you a complete tour of our available commercial properties in and around the Naperville area.

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