Is Your Naperville Office Space Current With The Latest Trends?

Office Space in NapervilleFor generations, the measure of success for businesses across the country was the size of corporate offices. These grand spaces were designed to appeal to visitors’ and employees’ sense of awe. They were designed to intimidate. Today’s business owners, however, are looking for leased office space that combines the style and beauty of the past with the practicality needed by most of today’s businesses. They are also looking for leased office space that can accommodate the rapidly changing needs of their employees. At DynaCom, we set the standard for superior quality offices that take into account the latest trends of the present and the changing needs of the future.


Sharing Naperville Office Space Makes Financial Sense

Downsizing is a common business practice today that doesn’t always mean reducing the number of employees in your company. You can downsize your expenses dramatically by downsizing your office space. Sharing your Naperville office space with another company or sharing access to specific areas such as common areas, waiting rooms and conference centers is an excellent way to minimize expenses. At DynaCom, we offer Naperville office space that lets you combine access to as little or as much of your overall space as you like. Do you need a dedicated receptionist, or would you prefer office space that shares a receptionist with other businesses, sharing conference rooms and break rooms with other tenants. This also frees up additional square footage that can be better used by individual employees or groups that need the space on a daily basis.


Floor Layouts With Smart Designs


At DynaCom, our premier office spaces were designed to not only be esthetically pleasing; they were designed to maximize the use of limited amounts of space. In other words, your office will seem more spacious than its actual square footage because it’s been designed to meet your needs with greater efficiency. Each floor layout makes use of natural sunlight by increasing the number and location of rooms that can benefit from natural light.


Common areas, reception areas and even break rooms were designed to be beautiful and useful while using a smaller footprint. Multiple electric outlets, Wi-Fi access throughout the building and easy access to computers, phones and other office equipment are all part of each lease agreement. In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for common or shared desks and offices so that work-from-home employees and salespeople who need a place to briefly touch base, recharge their equipment and take off again all have access to a desk and supplies. Of course, there will always be a need for an impressive expanse of furniture in a corporate conference room. The beauty of many of our leased properties is that you have use of the conference room without having to pay the full amount of the rent on your own. Think about it – if you have business meetings with your clients three days out of the month, why should you pay for full access every day? Splitting the cost of these Naperville office space rentals is a solid financial decision that can save you a considerable amount of money.


Creative Open Spaces


One of the most important trends for Naperville office space is the growing popularity of creatively designed open spaces for work areas. Many of today’s most successful businesses have done away with the warren of tiny, cramped offices that were so popular in the 1990s and replaced them with spacious rooms that can hold several desks and seating areas. The result? More collaboration, more interaction and better customer service. Many CEOs and company officers have also discovered that if they give up that awe-inspiring corner office, they will learn more about their company and how it works while boosting morale for others.


When you’re ready to shop for Naperville office space, give us a call at 630-355-2000 or contact us to schedule a tour of any of our available Naperville office space suites.

DynaCom's Four Cornerstones Of Commercial Real Estate In Naperville

Office Space in NapervilleThere are hundreds of leasing opportunities in and around the Naperville area for anyone looking for rental property for their company’s office space, with options running from individual offices to large complexes with a variety of room sizes and layouts to fit every need. DynaCom has consistently been a leader in this marketplace by offering service and support that goes far beyond simply offering square footage. At DynaCom, we believe there are four cornerstones of a successful leasing relationship and we strive to fulfill those promises every day.

Client-Focused Response


Almost any commercial real estate lessor will return your call quickly or gladly stop by your office to pick up the rent check, but DynaCom offers the same quick response and care whenever there is an unexpected problem or need. If there is an emergency situation, we will immediately step up to help you resolve the problem. If any aspect of our service from office cleaning to suite management isn’t being handled to your satisfaction, we are just a phone call away. You will always be our priority whether you need additional groundskeeping work done or you would like to book an additional conference room for an important meeting.


Proactive Relationships


It would be easy to have you sign a contract, take your company’s lease payment and walk away until your next payment is due, but that’s not what DynaCom property leasing is about. We want to be the leader in commercial real estate in Naperville and the surrounding area by being proactive. It’s not just about what we are; it’s about what we strive to be. We always welcome feedback from our clients so that we can improve our service. In fact, our website features a customer satisfaction survey so that any one of our customers can express their opinion and help us create a better relationship with our tenants.


Commercial Real Estate In Naperville With Professional Representation


You’ll never look out the window of your office suite and see someone you don’t know tending the grounds or working on the lighting because we hire groundskeepers, maintenance workers and support staff who will be with us for the long haul. They are always properly trained and professionally dressed and respectful, reflecting DynaCom’s dedication to superior service at every level. Our administrative staff, shared clerical workers and receptionists are always experienced and professional in order to properly reflect your business’ standing and give you the clerical and administrative service you deserve.


The Little Things That Make A Difference

A leaky drinking fountain, streaky windows, dirty flooring…the list of minor details that can ruin that critical first impression is lengthy for any business. DynaCom offers commercial real estate in Naperville that is always clean, attractive, bright and professional. Our passion for the details is what sets us apart from other companies leasing commercial real estate in Naperville and the surrounding area. We stand behind our promise of exceptional service and support whether you need the sidewalks shoveled in winter or the windows washed in the spring because we know that every detail is a reflection of your company.


When you’re ready to lease commercial real estate in Naperville, be sure to call DynaCom at 630-355-2000 or contact us via our website. We’ll be happy to give you a complete tour of our available commercial properties in and around the Naperville area.

How To Find The Right Commercial Real Estate In Naperville For Your Needs

office space in napervilleIf you’re currently searching for commercial real estate in Naperville, you already understand that the entire process can sometimes feel overwhelming. Naperville is a thriving business hub full of well-appointed properties that offer a wide range of enticing features and amenities. However, sifting through the extensive inventory of commercial real estate in Naperville can prove challenging, especially if you’re new to the marketplace.

DynaCom Helps Business Owners Find Commercial Real Estate In Naperville

Fortunately, there is hope (and help!). Here at DynaCom, we often partner with entrepreneurs who are searching for their next business location, but simply don’t know how to keep the process moving forward. That’s where we can help. We work with our clients throughout their leasing or renting experience to ensure that they find an ideal property fit. How? By helping them hone in on exactly what they are looking for in commercial real estate in Naperville.

When working with DynaCom to find commercial real estate in Naperville, we will help you create a detailed list of things that are the most important to you for your renting or leasing needs, including:

Neighborhood location: Yes, location still is everything, even when it comes to commercial real estate in Naperville. Before moving forward with your lease or rental, it’s imperative to determine exactly where you’re hoping your business will be. We encourage prospective tenants to visit some of our many available properties to get a feel for the right neighborhood for their business.


Outlined scope of project: When working with DynaCom, we can help you put together a leasing plan that makes the most sense for your professional needs. We can help you outline criteria specific to you such as square footage, development potential, and budget to ensure you have a firm focus on what the right commercial real estate in Naperville looks like to you.


Features and amenities: All too often, business owners come to us saying that they just want a basic option for commercial real estate in Naperville. However, once the process begins, they quickly recognize that they truly don’t have to do without features and amenities that will make their employees want to come to work. Our commercial real estate in Naperville offers amenities such as 24-hour surveillance, newly furnished interiors, nearby property management assistance, kitchen areas, keyless entry, vaulted ceilings, state-of-the-art Internet connections and more. We help our clients determine what the most important accommodations are for them…then help them find the right property to suit their needs.


No matter what you’re looking for in the commercial real estate market in Naperville, DynaCom and our team of well-trained and skilled leasing professionals can help you find it. From startup businesses to future Fortune 500 organizations, DynaCom’s extensive inventory of commercial real estate in Naperville, coupled with our seasoned industry veterans, can prove the perfect combination for helping you find your business’ next home sweet home. Check out our company site at for more information today.

Successful Commercial Real Estate In Naperville, IL Should Have These Key Features

commercial-real-estate-naperville-ilCreating a successful business plan demands a variety of elements that move beyond having unique products or services to offer. While offering something potential customers need or desire is critical, you also have to effectively market what you’re offering and have the resources to deliver on what you’ve promised. You’ll need an excellent supply chain, dependable employees and an appropriate strategy for getting your products or services into your customers’ hands.

Commercial Real Estate In Naperville, IL Is An Important Element Of Success

Many entrepreneurs fail to realize that another critical feature in their success is where they are located. DynaCom knows that having the right commercial real estate in Naperville, IL is essential to impressing potential clients and maintaining a strong relationship with the customers you already have. Perception is particularly important when you are a start-up business, but your commercial real estate in Naperville, IL also has to deliver value for your investment dollars. It needs to be functional, attractive and have the features and amenities you need to run your business efficiently and successfully.

Successful Components Of Commercial Real Estate

When it’s time to choose the appropriate location for an organization’s commercial real estate, Naperville, IL entrepreneurs evaluate their choices using a variety of critical components. While there are numerous office buildings and corporate parks with space available, many of them don’t have the features they are looking for. Balancing needs and wants against a budget can be tricky, but there are a few amenities that you should always expect from reputable commercial real estate locations in the Naperville area:

Location, Location, Location

It may sound trite, but location really is everything. Do some homework before you begin scoping out potential locations for your office and find out what areas are zoned commercial, industrial, residential or a combination. Which locales are best for your company? Do you want to be located near the airport and easily accessible by highway, or would an office near the residential corridor be more appropriate? Be sure to choose a location that is easy to get to for both vendors and clients. DynaCom currently offers a variety of locales to meet your needs.

Attractive Surroundings

The aesthetics of your company’s commercial real estate in Naperville, IL can’t be overlooked. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few prime locations, start comparing the appearance of various office spaces. The layout should have a good flow to it and the décor should immediately convey the success of your company. Look for attractive features like spacious lobbies, plenty of natural light, attractive furnishings and striking extras such as atriums or luxurious elevators. The exterior should also be pleasant, featuring sidewalks and a parking lot that are kept in good repair and that are attractively landscaped.

Amenities For Clients And Employees

At DynaCom, we recognize that thoughtful amenities for your clients or customers are always important. Look for commercial real estate in Naperville, IL with a vending area offering coffee and other beverages as well as snacks. An employee kitchen area or lounge will also help keep your employees happy, which will ensure their best efforts. DynaCom also offers properties with desirable perks such as programmable lighting, high-speed Internet access, mailing and shipping services.


Prime commercial real estate in Naperville, IL will offer a variety of security features that ensure your business, your employees and your customers are safe and secure. Closed circuit security cameras, 24/7 card access, fire alarms and sprinkler systems should all be available and in good working order.

If you’ve found commercial real estate in Naperville, IL that offers all of the above, take some time to talk to the management contact person for the property you’re considering. That person will be your contact in the event of an emergency as well as for the day-to-day needs of your company’s office space. If they are professional and helpful, you can rest assured that your office space needs will be addressed properly.


IMG_3534Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. has opened a new office in the Weaver Parkway Offices, at 4580 Weaver Parkway in Warrenville, owned and operated by DynaCom Management, Inc.  Proactive Sales & Marketing and Promark International Distributing, Inc. occupies 2,170 square feet of the building.  The new office was opened on December 1, 2012.

Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. is the Midwest’s leading independent broker for producers of food products.  Proactive works with the worldwide food manufacturers in all categories of retail grocery, including dry grocery, frozen, dairy, deli, meat and produce products.  As an independent broker, Proactive is proud to allocate the time and resources necessary to build new brands and private labels that may not get the attention they deserve from national brokers.  Their experienced account executives are dedicated to building and maintaining regional brands and private labels throughout the Midwest.  Established in 1906, Proactive has spent over 100 years developing strong, trusted relationships with manufacturers and retail stores.  Each of the Proactive executives has a minimum of 20 years experience in the industry.  Proactive is aggressively growing, seeking new areas of opportunity for our business and for the manufacturers they represent.

Promark International Distributing, Inc. is the Midwest’s leading broker of wine, spirits and craft beer.  Promark works closely with the manufacturers, producers and distillers to gain the desired distribution with the major liquor distributors and the customers they service both on and off premise.  Southern Wine & Spirits, Wirtz Beverage and Stoller Wholesale are a few of the liquor distributors Promark works with to achieve the mutual goals for their suppliers.

Naperville-based DynaCom Management, Inc. has six office buildings in the Naperville area, near the busy I-88 High Tech Corridor, including DynaCom Center I, 1952 McDowell Road; DynaCom Center II, 1548 Bond Street; Bond Street Offices, 1601 Bond Street; Mill Street Offices, 1979 Mill Street; Wall Street Offices, 1560 Wall Street; and Cantera Lakes, 4580 Weaver Parkway in the Cantera Subdivision in Warrenville. DynaCom Management is happy to announce they are moving their corporate office to the Cantera Lakes property, the move is scheduled for February 15th.

DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commercial real estate in the Naperville area.  The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details.  For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000 or visit

Finding The Best Naperville Commercial Real Estate For Lease For Your Business

Naperville Commercial Real EstateA business depends on many things to be successful. One of the things that is sometimes overlooked as a factor in a company’s success is their location. For some businesses, the right location is vital to their success. This can often be seen in retail situations. For others, location isn’t quite as large of a factor in success or failure, but it remains an important consideration when choosing where to set up shop.


Evaluate Your Choice Of Naperville Commercial Real Estate For Lease

The area is full of Naperville commercial real estate for lease to meet just about any office need. All you need to do is determine what those needs are to get started! You can start by thinking about how you plan to use your leased space. Will you be using it primarily for staff or will you be seeing clients in your offices? Is there a need for extra meeting rooms? Do you prefer an open floor plan with workstations or are private offices a better choice? Consider your technology needs too. Does the building have the telecommunications and infrastructure in place that you need to get your work done?

Once you figure out how you’ll be using the office, it will be much easier to find Naperville commercial real estate for lease to meet your needs. When you start to look at buildings and locations, make sure to pay attention to the entire building, not just the space you’ll be leasing. What is the parking lot like? Is there enough to meet the needs of all of the tenants? What does the landscaping and hardscaping (parking lots, walkways, etc.) look like? Is it all in good condition? If there are public restrooms, be sure to visit them during your tour and give them the once-over. Although you may never need to use them, your visitors might.

Remember, this building is the first impression your clients and visitors might have of you. Try to choose a location that reflects your business values as well as finding space to meet your needs. Location and accessibility (how easy it is for clients and staff to get to the building) are important considerations too. Fortunately, a lot of the Naperville commercial real estate for lease from DynaCom is located near the heart of I-88 and other busy highways, which is what makes it one of the most in-demand locations in the area.


Leasing Terms To Know

There are a few different types of leases used in commercial agreements. This quick overview will give you an idea of what the terms mean as well as what you’d be responsible for paying every month under each type.

  • Percentage Leases are often seen in retail situations, oftentimes in malls. The rent is usually a base rate plus a percentage of your monthly sales.
  • Net Leases come in three different types: Net, Double Net and Triple Net. These leases are found in many types of commercial agreements. In a Net Lease the tenant pays rent plus some or all of the taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. In a Double Net Lease the tenant pays rent, taxes and insurance. In a Triple Net Lease, tenant pays rent, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.
  • Full Serviced Lease or Gross Lease means the landlord will be paying for all or most of the usual operating costs. This is very common in office leases, but can be found in industrial or retail situations too. The costs are passed on to the tenants in the form of a “Load Factor.”

Keep these items in mind when you’re hunting for your new business location to ensure the building meets your needs and that you understand the terms of the lease before you make a final decision. DynaCom strives to find the best fit for each of our tenants and employs a staff of real estate professionals with years of experience to help you make the right choice in your leasing needs.

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