mill-street-3Naperville office rental and commercial property management specialists, DynaCom Management, Inc. welcomes Strategic Financial Group to their new Mill Street location.

DynaCom Management, a leading provider of commerical real estate in Naperville, welcomed their newest tenant, Strategic Financial Group, Inc. (SFG), to their new location at the DynaCom owned and managed Mill Street office in Naperville.

“SFG is a growing, thriving business and they needed a new home that would allow them to continue to offer their clients the type of exemplary service they have come to expect.  The beautiful new Mill Street facility will provide SFG an office space that mirrors the high standard of excellence they have set for themselves,” said Ali Setork, Owner of DynaCom (

SFG, who moved into the Mill Street Offices in March of 2013, specialize in customized financial solutions to meet the needs of both individuals and small business owners.  Their new home is located at 1979 N. Mill Street, Suite 205, and is perfectly situated to allow SFG to offer their services to the multitude of area businesses that call the greater Chicagoland area home.

The two story Mill Street office building is highlighted by powerful architectural design and immaculately sculpted landscaping, expertly leased and managed by DynaCom.  Each tenant within the Mill Street offices is given the opportunity to design their own personalized suite in order to ensure the best possible fit for their particular business needs.

“We understand that our properties are an extension of the companies that operate out of them, and we strive to ensure that the layout and design of each suite is particularly suited to the goals and expectations of the businesses that call our buildings home.  Our full time management staff ensures that we maintain control over the design and construction of each facility throughtout all phases of development, allowing us to offer our tenants a truly individualized Naperville office rental,” Setork said.

For more information about DynaCom Management and a full listing of available properties and services, visit their website at

About DynaCom Management, Inc.:  DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commercial properties.  The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details.  For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000 or visit http.//


Consider Hidden Costs When Budgeting For Office Space For Rent In Naperville

Aconsider-hidden-fees-when-budgetingt Dynacom, we understand that renting a new office space can be stressful, particularly if you don’t accurately factor unexpected or hidden costs into the equation. That’s one of the many reasons we strive to maintain leases that are easy to understand with no unexpected surprises. We’ve outlined a few of the hidden costs of leasing office space that you should take into account when you’re ready to move into any office space for rent in Naperville.

Will You Need New Furniture?

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it’s almost a given that you’ll need to replace some of your older furniture when relocating to new office space for rent in Naperville. You may also need to replace pieces that don’t fit in your new location. To keep those costs down, Dynacom furnishes shared common areas such as lobbies, shared reception areas and communal bathrooms so that you don’t have to pay for them. We also ensure that the hallways, offices and break rooms have sufficient lighting at all times.

Not All Office Space For Rent In Naperville Includes Security

Some commercial leasing companies require that all tenants provide sufficient security to protect the building, its tenants and their property, expecting the tenant to pay the additional funds to secure their own offices. Dynacom knows, however, that security is essential to the success and comfort of all of our lessees and their employees. Security in the form of surveillance cameras, 24/7 secured access and reliable fire alarms, burglar alarms and sprinkler systems are all included in the cost of renting any of our available office spaces.

Utilities And Internet Access

We’ve taken the worry out of up-front utility costs by providing backbone wiring for phone and Internet, including conduits for LAN lines and phone systems within each office suite. This way, you can move in and immediately fire up the electricity and Internet without having to wait for expensive installation of new service lines. We also minimize your electricity costs while maximizing the comfort of your office spaces by including the cost of air conditioning between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm in your monthly rent.

You may find office space for rent in Naperville office buildings that require you to use a specific maintenance company or charge you a premium when the lessor sends in their own maintenance team. But at Dynacom, we do all of our own repairs to the exterior, common areas and the building as a whole without charging our tenants anything additional. For routine maintenance within the space you’ve rented, we simply ask you to keep up with the maintenance and ensure that your space is always in proper repair. By allowing you to take care of your own space, we minimize the cost of any office maintenance because we eliminate the middleman. We’ll never charge you $100 to change a light bulb!

We are proud of our relationships with every tenant that signs a lease for any one of our office spaces for rent in Naperville. By clearly outlining our expectations and endeavoring to keep our facilities properly maintained and secure at all times, we save our tenants money while giving them added value. When you’re looking for office space for rent in Naperville, contact us or call Dynacom at (630) 355-2000 for a list of available suites in your area. We’ll be happy to give you a tour!

Three Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Office Without Wasted Space

At Dynacom, we offer our clients a variety of floor plans and square footage for their 3-easy-ways-to-create-office-without-wasted-space Naperville office space in any one of our professional office buildings, but we know that even clients who are leasing larger offices need to maximize their space. There are several trends in office space design and usage that can transform even a relatively small area into usable, efficient space, including the three we’ve outlined below:

Shared Public Areas

Most businesses don’t need or use a conference room on a regular basis, but they do need them occasionally for staff meetings, conferences with important clients or to make presentations. If you could benefit from a conference room but don’t want to pay the premium price tag for a large space you’ll only use a few times a month, Dynacom has the answer. Our office buildings feature shared conference rooms and reception areas that will impress visitors without the need to pay for the space when not in use.

Hot Desks For Mobile Employees Or Job Sharing

 When shopping for Naperville office space, many employers automatically calculate the square footage for putting every employee into an individual office or cubicle, but this isn’t always cost effective. If you have some employees who are frequently out of the office making service calls, selling your services or meeting with clients, you may not need to give each of them their own office. Hot desks are an ideal alternative because they give everyone a place to work when they’re in the office without lots of empty, wasted space.

A hot desk is simply an individual work area that offers everyone a place to work when they are in the office without being assigned to a particular individual. Laptop computers make this kind of arrangement possible because everyone gets to use his own computer rather than having to log in and out of someone else’s desktop. Hot desks are also ideal for any employees who are job sharing. One person can work Monday through Wednesday while another one uses it Thursday through Saturday using the same Naperville office space.

 Compact Furniture Streamlines Naperville Office Space

 If you’re still displaying the standard office furniture your company has been using since the late 1990s, now is the time to upgrade to streamlined, compact furniture that’s scaled to today’s needs. Older furniture was designed to make room for cumbersome desktop computers and monitors. They also had lots of space for desktop printers and separate fax machines that have since been scaled down significantly in size or rendered obsolete. You simply don’t need all of that wasted desk space when you’re working from a laptop and faxing through your computer. Look for smaller scale desks that can maximize the usefulness of every inch of your Naperville office space. If you’ve transitioned to a paperless office, you’ll also be able to do away with added storage space for rows of filing cabinets for paper files.

Dynacom currently offers Naperville office space in several of our professional office buildings, all in prime business locations. Give us a call today at 630-355-2000 or contact us online to discuss how much space your business needs and how we can help you maximize that space to your advantage.