DynaCom Management Announces New Tenant in Naperville Office Space: Nautilus Capital Research

Nautilus Capital Research has leased commercial real estate in Naperville, IL from Dynacom-Center-IDynaCom Management.  The company will occupy offices at 1952 McDowell Road, one of DynaCom’s many locations for Naperville offices for rent.

NAPERVILLE, IL – DynaCom Management has a new tenant at 1952 McDowell Road, in the heart of Naperville’s I-88 corridor.  Nautilus Capital Research moved into the Naperville office space in June 2013 and was able to transition their business to the new location with minimal disruption in service.  This was due in part to DynaCom’s continuous investment in technology found at all of their commercial real estate in Naperville, IL, including the McDowell Road Office.

“We’re very pleased to have Nautilus Capital Research join us.  The McDowell Road building is set up perfectly for their real-time investment work with its fiber optics internet connection and 24-hour tenant access.  The building is located just off the four-way interchange at Route 59 and I-88 and is near plenty of amenities including restaurants, fitness centers and shopping,” said Ali Setork, Owner, DynaCom Management (www.DynaComCenter.com).

In addition to its prime location, 24 hour secure access and fiber optics internet connection, 1952 McDowell Road boasts:

  • Smart Conference room with built in computer, fiber optics and projector, available for tenant use
  • Individually controlled and programmable HVAC system with web-based managing software
  • 9’6″ ceiling clearance on every floor
  • Closed Circuit web-based controlled Cameras
  • Satellite Dish on the roof available for connecting to DirectTV
  • A kitchen, dining room and vending machines available for tenant use
  • Solid Mahogany 8′ foot doors as the standard finish
  • Pyramid-vaulted, sky lighted glass atrium lobby with three-story glass elevator
  • Five days a week janitorial service available
  • Fed Ex, UPS, Air Borne Express & US Mail services
  • Fully programmable site lights, hallway lights, atrium lights, washroom lights, door locks, thermostats, and outside lights to allow energy savings that is passed on to the tenants.
  • 24-hour fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring, which is connected directly to the City of Naperville
  • Ample parking with a ratio of 4 parking spots per each 1,000 square feet occupied.

Nautilus Capital Research is an independent research boutique providing institutional investors with insight and perspective on today’s financial markets.  The company applies historical perspective and intensive quantitative assessment of real-time market conditions to identify the best risk-adjusted trading opportunities and to generally make more informed investment decisions.

DynaCom properties are known for their exceptional maintenance, updated interiors, modern technology and responsive management.  To learn more about DynaCom and their Naperville offices for rent visit:  www.dynacomcenter.com.

To learn more about Nautilus Capital Research visit them online at: http://www.nautilus-cap.com/.

About DynaCom:  DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commerical properties.  The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details.  For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000, Ext 17 or visit http://DynaComCenter.com.



Consider Hidden Costs When Budgeting For Office Space For Rent In Naperville

Aconsider-hidden-fees-when-budgetingt Dynacom, we understand that renting a new office space can be stressful, particularly if you don’t accurately factor unexpected or hidden costs into the equation. That’s one of the many reasons we strive to maintain leases that are easy to understand with no unexpected surprises. We’ve outlined a few of the hidden costs of leasing office space that you should take into account when you’re ready to move into any office space for rent in Naperville.

Will You Need New Furniture?

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it’s almost a given that you’ll need to replace some of your older furniture when relocating to new office space for rent in Naperville. You may also need to replace pieces that don’t fit in your new location. To keep those costs down, Dynacom furnishes shared common areas such as lobbies, shared reception areas and communal bathrooms so that you don’t have to pay for them. We also ensure that the hallways, offices and break rooms have sufficient lighting at all times.

Not All Office Space For Rent In Naperville Includes Security

Some commercial leasing companies require that all tenants provide sufficient security to protect the building, its tenants and their property, expecting the tenant to pay the additional funds to secure their own offices. Dynacom knows, however, that security is essential to the success and comfort of all of our lessees and their employees. Security in the form of surveillance cameras, 24/7 secured access and reliable fire alarms, burglar alarms and sprinkler systems are all included in the cost of renting any of our available office spaces.

Utilities And Internet Access

We’ve taken the worry out of up-front utility costs by providing backbone wiring for phone and Internet, including conduits for LAN lines and phone systems within each office suite. This way, you can move in and immediately fire up the electricity and Internet without having to wait for expensive installation of new service lines. We also minimize your electricity costs while maximizing the comfort of your office spaces by including the cost of air conditioning between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm in your monthly rent.

You may find office space for rent in Naperville office buildings that require you to use a specific maintenance company or charge you a premium when the lessor sends in their own maintenance team. But at Dynacom, we do all of our own repairs to the exterior, common areas and the building as a whole without charging our tenants anything additional. For routine maintenance within the space you’ve rented, we simply ask you to keep up with the maintenance and ensure that your space is always in proper repair. By allowing you to take care of your own space, we minimize the cost of any office maintenance because we eliminate the middleman. We’ll never charge you $100 to change a light bulb!

We are proud of our relationships with every tenant that signs a lease for any one of our office spaces for rent in Naperville. By clearly outlining our expectations and endeavoring to keep our facilities properly maintained and secure at all times, we save our tenants money while giving them added value. When you’re looking for office space for rent in Naperville, contact us or call Dynacom at (630) 355-2000 for a list of available suites in your area. We’ll be happy to give you a tour!

Naperville Office Space That Gives Your Business The Right Image

Naperville Office SpaceBusinesses need to project the right image in order to impress potential clients, maintain the customers they already have and grow in the future. Fortunately, Dynacom can provide the right kind of Naperville office space to impress others and project a polished, professional and successful image. While you’ll want to take a variety of factors into consideration when choosing Naperville office space, including square footage, possible expansion in the future and your current number of employees, there are other factors that can have a major impact on the impression your company makes.


Professional Office Cleaning

Renting Naperville office space in a building or complex that offers reliable cleaning or janitorial services can help you keep costs down while ensuring your office space always looks neat, professional and clean. We use professional, bonded cleaning services for the common areas that can also be used by our tenants if they wish. The common areas of our buildings are always cleaned and maintained to the highest standards in order to give all visitors a positive impression.


Manicured Grounds

At each of our office parks and buildings, professional landscaping or gardening services have been used to create an attractive, welcoming exterior. Dynacom knows that first impressions can be critical and always provides hardscaping and plants that will give visitors the best possible impression of our tenants. We also provide seasonal snow removal, parking area upkeep and other exterior maintenance to all grounds and buildings that we lease to our tenants.


Naperville Office Space In Excellent Locations

We carefully research every office building location before we choose to invest in it so that we can offer our tenants only the finest locations that feature traits such as easy access from the highway, locations near major business hubs and locales that are just minutes away from restaurants, daycares and other services that are important to business professionals. Because we lease to a variety of businesses in each of our buildings, we can offer exceptional locations at prices that are surprisingly reasonable. We’re proud of our client roster, which reflects the confidence that our professional tenants have in our Naperville office space locations and is an impressive list of some of the finest businesses in the Naperville area.


Beautiful Common Areas

At Dynacom, we understand that there are a variety of needs for our business tenants. Some companies require large office suites while others may need only a single room while having access to common areas such as conference rooms on a regular basis. We offer a wide range of options for small and medium businesses that include everything from common reception areas to private conference rooms available as needed to be shared with other tenants in order to keep your costs under control while maintaining a professional image. Even start-ups and small, independent businesses can project a successful image when they are tenants in any one of our many Naperville office space locations featuring common areas that are tastefully decorated with high end features and beautiful finishes.

Dynacom is proud to offer local businesses Naperville office space that is flexible, prestigious and always professional. When you’re ready to locate your business office at one of our Naperville area office locations, we’ll be ready to show you a range of options to meet your needs.